…i didn’t cry drawing it…

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do you guys remember this cute video of a poodle walking on its hind legs?


well, in order for the puppy to learn this, its owner trained it by yelling, cursing, hitting, and throwing it. simply to gain internet fame.

video proof can be found here. warning: it is very hard to watch, but this puppy deserves justice.

if you’d like to act, here is a link to a petition

more people need to know the truth behind this “cute walking puppy”

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The Last Meals Of Innocent Men

An emotional new ad campaign from Amnesty International asks its viewers to stomach a hard truth — images of the last meals of wrongly executed American prisoners.

Meal 1: Ruben Cantu (Texas) was charged with capital murder at 17 years old for shooting a man during a robbery. The one witness to this crime admitted later on that he was pressured by police to identify Cantu as the criminal. He told the police twice that Cantu was not the shooter. However, Cantu was still executed in 1993.

Meal 2: Leo Jones (Florida) was charged with the murder of  a police officer in Florida. Although he said that said he was coerced into confession after hours of interrogation. The police officer and the detective involved in his case, were forced out of uniform for ethical violations a few years after his’ conviction.

Jones was executed in 1998.

Meal 3: Claude Howard Jones (Texas) was sentenced to death in 1989 for shooting and killing Texas liquor store owner. However, the recent DNA tests on the strand of hair that was used as the only physical evidence against him was proved not to belong to him.

“Knowing that these DNA results support his innocence means so much to me, my son in the military and the rest of my family. I hope these results will serve as a wake-up call to everyone that serious problems exist in the criminal justice system that must be fixed if our society is to continue using the death penalty,” - Jones’ son, Duane Jones

Jones was executed in 2000.

Meal 4: David Spence (Texas) was charged and sentenced to execution for the murder of three Texas teenagers. There was no physical evidence against him and both the homicide detective and police lieutenant that were on his case did not believe Spence to be the criminal. The prosecution solely relied on the testimony of other prison inmates in their case against Spence,

He was executed in 1997.

Meal 5: Cameron Willingham (Texas) was convicted of murdering his three children in a 1991 house fire . Four national arson experts have concluded that the original investigation in the case was flawed, while an independent investigation into the case concluded that the prosecution centered its argument on arson theories that have since been repudiated by scientific studies.

Willingham was executed in Texas in 2004

I remember how many notes the last meals of the guilty men got because it’s interesting to look at that but apparently hardly anyone cares when the men are actually innocent. End capital punishment.

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Seth Tara has shot an inspiring series for the History Channel entitled, “Know Where You Stand.” The set depicts modern people revisiting historic landmarks, with a black and white layer from the past. 

History Channel Photos Series Shows Our Interaction With the Past

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I love these, I love them SO MUCH.

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My Son Draws Himself As A Girl 


Today my son drew himself as a boy for the first time in his life. He’s five and a half years old. For that many years, when he has drawn himself, he has drawn himself as a girl.

In the mediums of crayon, colored pencil and marker, our son is a beautiful girl with long red hair, a big puffy ball gown the color of cotton candy and a tiara with a gigantic heart-shaped stone front and center. Sometimes he’s a sassy girl in a jean skirt, black leather jacket and knee-high boots. Sometimes he’s a girl going to school in a hot-pink t-shirt dress and purple high top sneakers with turquoise socks peaking out.

It took his dad and me a while to get used to seeing our son’s self-portraits. For a long time there was the urge to correct him, to remind him that he is a boy and his renderings weren’t accurate. We fought that urge until it wasn’t there anymore. Feelings of uneasiness popped up in us here and there when it was time for arts and crafts, especially when there were other people around. I’ve had to remind myself that you never tell an artist that his or her art is bad or wrong — art can’t be those two things (especially when you are five).

Being acutely aware that children who continually, over an extended period of time draw themselves as the opposite sex are more likely to be transgender, we have always wondered if and when the day would come when our boy would draw himself as a boy looking like a boy. We imagined that if it ever happened we would feel a sense of relief and happiness. Then, it happened and we were nothing but sad.

C.J. has just started kindergarten and at his school every kindergartner is matched up with a “Kinderbuddy,” an older student at the school who will see C.J. on a regular basis throughout the year to read to him, play with him and mentor him. Hopefully they will have a mutually beneficial and special relationship.

Because the school tries to match up Kinderbuddies based on sex/gender, C.J.’s Kinderbuddy is a boy. Because C.J.’s sex and gender aren’t in total alignment, that process for matching up Kinderbuddies isn’t exactly ideal.

On their first day of meeting, the Kinderbuddies had to sit together and draw a picture of themselves together. That’s when it happened; C.J. drew himself as a boy next to his boy Kinderbuddy.

“Mommy, I got a Kinderbuddy today. And, he’s so cool! He’s a teenager!” C.J. said after school. By “teenager” he meant “sixth grader.”

He showed us the picture that they had drawn together. We didn’t recognize our son. We looked at each other in shock.

“Hey, Buddy…how come you drew yourself as a boy?” C.J.’s Dad asked casually.

“Oh, that’s because I didn’t want my Kinderbuddy to know that I like girl stuff,” C.J. said matter-of-factly.

Our hearts sank. We had always thought that things would feel more right, more normal, on the day that C.J. finally drew himself as a boy, but things didn’t. Things felt sad because our son had to do it out of self-preservation. He did it to adapt and conform.  He did it to hide his true self. It felt like he had lost some of his innocence.

Diane Ehrensaft, an expert on raising gender nonconforming children, once wrote:

“Gender creative children are blessed with the ability to hold on to the concept — that we all had one time in our lives — that we were free to be anything we wanted – boy, girl, maybe both.”

With that drawing, it felt like our son was losing his grip on the concept that he is free to be anything he wants to be. Was he losing his grip? Or, was he tightening his grip on the concept and exercising control over when it could be on display and when it couldn’t?

C.J. didn’t want to hang his Kinderbuddy drawing on the fridge or his bedroom door for all to see like he usually wants to do with his art. He wanted to throw it away.

“Why?” I asked.

“Cause that’s not really me,” he said as he sat in the sun at our dining room table, drawing himself with a side ponytail, purple shirt with a pink heart on it and an orange skirt.

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"Depression isn’t just being a bit sad. It’s feeling nothing. It’s not wanting to be alive anymore."
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The Moth Presents Anthony Griffith: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times (by mothstories)

A Comedian Silences A Room For 9 Minutes.

I am actually SOBBING right now. Don’t watch unless you’ve got tissues nearby.

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The chills that just came down my spine. You guys don’t understand.

that was intense. wow.

I thought he was building a robot ;(


what. the. fuck.

This made me tear up profusely. :(

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"We once had a chimp who could sort photographs of apes and human beings into two piles. Apes on one pile, humans on the other. The only trouble was, every time she got to her own picture, she put it on the pile with the human beings."
Dr. Geoffrey H. Bourne, Yerkes Primate Research Center. Bartlett’s Unfamiliar Quotations by Leonard Levinson, 1971. (via ingridrichter)
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"A couple of books ago, I put a tip jar on my signing table and I made over $4,000 on my tour … I told people it was all for me to spend on candy. They were delighted because it’s funny to give money to someone who doesn’t need it. If there had been a beggar outside the bookstore, at the end of the evening, he might have had 75 cents. Whereas at the end of my best evening in Dallas [I had] $530 in tips."
David Sedaris, via Marginal Revolution (via ellielamothe)
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#WOW I’VE JUST BEEN HIT BY A TRUCKLOAD OF FEELS #I’ve always felt like Harry and Draco weren’t opposites #They were two sides to the same coin #And this gif set just HURTS because ugh these two poor boys #Caught up in something so much bigger than themselves #And they’re just CHILDREN

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The Science of Road Kill





Mark Rober places rubber animals on the side of the road to see the occurrence of assholes swerving to hit assumed innocent creatures. 

This is fucking sick.

“He found out that 94 percent of drivers did what anyone in their sane mind would do: keep driving on their lane. Remember that the animals were on the road’s shoulder, way outside their driving path. They didn’t pose any danger whatsoever to the drivers’ safety. On the other hand, six percent went out of the driving lane to run over the animals. Think about that: sixty out of one thousand drivers actually went out of their way to kill a living thing that didn’t represent any danger to their lives—and risking their own lives in the process, no less. Six percent were just cruel because they could be.”


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I am actually terrified to keep playing Mass Effect 3. I’m already up to the bit where I know someone I really like is going to die, and I know that the ending is meant to just destroy you emotionally, and I seriously am not good at handling that. I have become way too attached to my Shepard and all my crew. I’ve downloaded the extended ending thingie, but fuck, I just… I’m so scared :( I hate spoilers so I don’t want to look up what happens, but.. argh! Has anyone played the extended ending? Does it make it any better? :(

My beau just finished playing the extended ending the other day and he said it was wayyyyy better than the one they originally had in the game. But, as far as if it makes things less emotionally traumatizing? … sadly I’d have to say no u_u it really doesn’t… which is why I’m taking so much time playing ME1 because I know in ME2 and 3 shit starts to get real and I don’t want to kill off anyone I like argh it sounds horrible D:

nuuuuu T____T I could handle ME2 okay, but arrghhh goddammit. This has been one of my all-time favorite gaming experiences, I’ve enjoyed it so much. 

I am looking forward to playing through the series again doing every opposite action, and playing a badass Renegade Femshep :3

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I’m dead. I also love how Hermione is clearly the only one who understands. xD



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